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Featuring `A`a Black Tea and Kilinoe Green Tea
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E komo mai! Welcome to Big Island Tea.

We started growing tea in 2001. Since then, we have re-established a diverse native cloud forest on a 51/2 acre farm, we are growing tea as the under story crop. We have been busy! We planted over 6,000 tea trees; we grew 40,000 tea seedlings in a Hawai`i State agriculture project to assist new tea farmers; we replanted hundreds of native trees and ornamental plants to create a beautiful diverse tea garden in a rain forest. We also make single small batches of our ultra-premium whole leaf tea, `A`a Black Tea, and Kilinoe Green Tea. 

Our tea garden "Kilinoe Tea Forest" is open for private and group tours.  We now offer day long green tea processing workshops for the more enthusiastic tea lovers. Learn about how to grow tea sustainably, how to hand-pick and hand process your own batch of whole leaf tea to bring home and share.

Searching for a quality whole leaf tea or wanting to learn about how to grow and make your own tea?  

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